Seller Guide


General Submission Requirements

  • Item content, description, documentation and all other information should be written in English with typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • Item must be compatible with all latest technologies.
  • Item should not contain any errors in the code or during execution.
  • Item demo must be live for potential customers to view it.


Coding Requirements

  • CSS

    • Hard-coded inline styling is not accepted. Only dynamic inline styles via JavaScript or PHP technologies will be accepted.
    • CSS files should be stored together in the same folder.
    • CSS file names should be descriptive.
    • Style selector naming should be descriptive and avoid using code names that cannot be understood.
    • We recommend using CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation or any other.
    • CSS pre-processors are accepted
  • HTML

    • All HTML code must be validated using the W3C Validator tool.
    • Styles, Scripts and Images must be stored separately.
    • The main file should be named as index.html
  • JavaScript

    • The code should not contain JavaScript errors
    • Inline JavaScript is highly discouraged except when dynamically included or other special case.
    • A non-minified version of the item’s executing JavaScript code must be bundled with the item.
    • Obfuscated JavaScript code will not be allowed.
    • All JavaScript files should be placed at the bottom of the file except for a few libraries that only have to be placed within the head tag.
  • PHP

    • The code should not contain PHP errors in modern servers.
    • Code must be clean and indented appropriately.
    • Code must be not be obfuscated.
    • Code should be well commented or documented.
    • Files must be be named descriptively.


Design Requirements

  • Item should be of very high visual quality e.g.
    • spacing – padding and margin
    • typography – font choice, font styling, line-height
    • element placement – images, icons, content blocks, textures etc
    • colors should compliment each other using subtle color accents
  • Item name must be unique.
  • Item design must be unique from items that are already in the marketplace.
  • Item must render perfectly on multiple device resolutions e.g. desktops, tablets and phones.


Seller Agreement and Submission Rules

  1. Your theme submissions SHOULD be unique and must be your own creation.
  2. Any content uploaded including items, images, files and any other content within your item being sold on ThemeDilaz MUST be your own or have appropriate license from their respective owners.
  3. If you believe that any seller on ThemeDilaz has copied any of your items in a way that constitutes copyright infringement on any intellectual property rights of a third party persons or websites, please report it by contacting support.
  4. Sellers SHOULD NOT submit items that violate any applicable laws, including, but not limited to, statute, ordinance or other regulations.
  5. Sellers MUST NOT buy their own items or engage in any fraudulent conduct on ThemeDilaz.
  6. Sellers MUST NOT upload items that are falsely advertised, inaccurate, misleading, stolen, fraudulent, or contain malicious code.
  7. All Themes uploaded by Sellers SHALL NOT cause or create any legal liabilities for ThemeDilaz marketplace, or cause legal, financial harm or damage.
  8. Sellers are permitted to sell items on other platforms other than ThemeDilaz marketplace, but all Themes submitted on ThemeDilaz MUST NOT be offered for sale at reduced prices(less than the set price ThemeDilaz marketplace) on other websites, platforms or marketplaces with a deliberate intention of using ThemeDilaz as a marketing channel. This is unacceptable and any item violating this rule will be unapproved immediately.
  9. By submitting items on ThemeDilaz, you agree that ThemeDilaz SHALL have full control over the item and MAY use it in offers and promotional bundles or other discounts at any time and ThemeDilaz is a t will to set the preferred compensation plan on such offers.
  10. If an item is packaged in a promotional bundle for sale, the seller is not obligated to provide support or updates to his/her item(s) included in the bundle.
  11. Abandoned theme submissions will be deleted. Items in the review queue with no activity (uploading new versions, making item improvements, sending feedback or responding to reviewers) from the seller for 30 days will be marked for deletion within 7 days without warning. Afterwards the seller may re-submit the theme afresh for review.
  12. Sellers “spamming” the marketplace with many versions of similar Theme items will have their seller account revoked.


Item Review Process

  1. Fill the item submission form and upload item thumbnail and preview images together with all the required file assets.
  2. Accept the ThemeDilaz Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and submit your item for review.
  3. You will have access to the item editing permission and you may make changes or improvements to your item while its in the review queue.
  4. The review team checks whether your item meets all the requirements outlined in the submission guidelines and upload instructions.
  5. The reviewer(s) will respond to you through the item review history log, which is accessible from the item description page or the item editing page.
  6. Whenever a reviewer responds to your item submission or adds a note to your item, a message will be logged to the item review history and you will be notified via email.
  7. If your item meets all the requirements outlined in the submission guidelines and upload instructions, the item will be approved and published for sale on the marketplace.
  8. After the item is published. You will be notified via email.