Seller FAQs

1. Do sellers retain the rights to the items they sell on ThemeDilaz?

Yes, sellers retain full proprietary rights to every item they sell on ThemeDilaz. We only act as an avenue to sell their work.

2. Do sellers need to sell exclusively on ThemeDilaz?

No, sellers are free to sell their items on ThemeDilaz or any other marketplace.

3. Are sellers required to provide item support and is it a MUST?

No, although we highly recommend providing support as it helps in building credibility, which in turn ensures good reviews and ratings, and ultimately increased sales.

4. How much commission do sellers make on each sale?

Sellers earn 70% commission on each sale.

5. How do sellers get paid?

Sellers who earn a minimum threshold of $5 will be paid at the end of every month though PayPal. (Other payment methods will be introduced later).