WordPress Installation (New Site)

About This Service

This service involves WordPress theme installation on a new website or first-time WordPress installation. Our carefully selected web developer experts specializing in WordPress will securely install any WordPress theme of your choice to your website hosting server even if the theme was not purchased on ThemeDilaz. We follow WordPress best practices and coding standards.

What You Get in this Service

  • Free uploading of WordPress files to your web hosting server if you have not done it already
  • Free WordPress installation plus initial configuration if you have not done it already
  • uploading of theme files to your web hosting server
  • WordPress theme installation plus initial configuration – single theme only
  • Theme’s pre-packaged plugin(s) installation
  • Theme installation on one website or one domain name only
  • Theme’s initial configuration setup based on theme options


  • Theme files as downloaded from the source
  • Theme documentation for reference
  • Web host that supports WordPress i.e PHP, MySQL
  • Web host server login details e.g. cPanel, Plesk etc
  • FTP access details
  • Database access
  • English language proficiency (written or spoken)

Other Details

  • Delivery time: 72 hours or less
  • Revisions: 3

IMPORTANT NOTES: This service:

  1. INCLUDES first-time installs only
  2. DOES NOT include theme customization
  3. DOES NOT include theme demo content upload
  4. DOES NOT include third-party plugin installation
  5. DOES NOT include SEO services
  6. DOES NOT include theme usage tutorials
  7. DOES NOT include installation on a WordPress multi-site network
  8. DOES NOT include installation on existing WordPress website
  9. DOES NOT include fixing errors resulting from improper theme development, code incompatibility to the latest WordPress software requirements such as correct WordPress version or web hosting requirements.

This service involves full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if the service cannot be provisioned due to unavoidable circumstances arising from web hosting issues, nonfunctional theme, etc or any other indeterminable eventuality.