WordPress Installation (Existing Site)

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  • TeenaSteger
    TeenaSteger BUYER1 year ago

    Not Bad. Very Good.

    At first I was skeptic when third party plugins became a bit of a problem due to compatibility issues. That was sorted out fast with some few tweaks and updates to the outdated plugins.

    We also needed database/host migration which was bundled at an extra little fee but it was worth it. I had a migration before and bumped into lots of problems but the themedilaz team did it without issues, because they know what they doing.

    The transition was smooth despite the plugin compatibility issues which has already been sorted out. Great job guys.

  • Kupiec
    Kupiec BUYER1 year ago

    Well Done. Definitely Receommended.

    I probably could not believe this would be true considering how new you guys are in the WP space. Anyway I decided to give it a try and see because the price was manageable compared to what I have been paying other developers to do a similar job. Judging from your output and professionalism, I believe your services fits my needs and you will see me again in the near future.

  • TeresitaDerossett
    TeresitaDerossett BUYER1 year ago


    I had struggled migrating to a new host plus a setting up a new theme on my 6-years old wordpress website . It was a daunting task and I really struggled for weeks trying to do it myself. Your transfer service saved the day. It was fast and easy, no data loss, no errors, no misunderstandings, no delays. In general this was too professional at such a low price and I'm really grateful. Thanks.

  • TomokoStpeter
    TomokoStpeter BUYER1 year ago

    Professional Quality

    I have purchased all WP services from you but this one took a little longer turnaround by a few days. I understand that the site migration was marred with a few complexities but all in all, good job.
    Highly recommended.

  • PorfirioBaugher
    PorfirioBaugher BUYER10 months ago

    Great time and $$ saver

    There were so many things I anticipated to go wrong but this service provisioning was as perfect as it could get.

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