ThemeDilaz is free to join for all theme and template creators. Register on ThemeDilaz and send us a seller request invite and we will respond within 24hours. Our goal is to have theme providers that have a capacity to build themes of quality, integrity, simplicity, elegance and professionalism.

All sellers on ThemeDilaz make 70% on each and every sale they make and could make an extra 10% if they promote their published themes through our affiliate program. Plus, we do not have exclusivity limits, you may can opt to sell your themes elsewhere.

ThemeDilaz provides you with the ability to sell and distribute your themes online allowing you to reach thousands of customers around the world.

Our selling platform is feature rich and easy to use for you and your customers.


Benefits of selling on ThemeDilaz

  • You earn 70% from each sale – No complicated commission structures
  • You earn 10% from each sale promoted via your affiliate links, even if the buyer makes multiple purchases
  • You get paid at the end of every month, no delays
  • No theme activation/submission fees
  • Fair competition marketplace – Your item won’t be rejected for reasons other items are accepted with
  • No exclusivity restrictions – Sell here, your own site or elsewhere
  • Less competition allowing you to establish your theme business. You will never hear from us; “Sorry we have reached saturation”
  • Ability to respond publicly to reviews – helps you to challenge any negative reviews and customer abuse
  • Contact system that allows you to be contacted by your
  • Theme upload review is only intended for quality control and not restrictions
  • Reviewers respond with decent approval information – no vague generic messages


Payouts and Withdrawals

  • Payouts should be requested by 25th of every month for the accrued earnings during that month.
  • Payouts are sent on 1st or before 5th of every month for the request earnings during the previous month.
  • Payouts request should be greater than $50 USD.
  • Payouts are sent to the seller’s nominated PayPal account.
  • More payouts options will be introduced as the number of sellers increase.

ThemeDilaz is an Equal Opportunity Marketplace. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ability.

ThemeDilaz is a marketplace for buying and selling premium website themes and templates. Theme sellers upload and sell their themes while buyers buy and download themes from the marketplace.